A box of 2-3 curated projects related to a central theme with or without the recommended book title to inspire your child and spark creativity. It's a different mix of Art, Science, Books, Games and more in every box!

What's A Project/Book Box?
Who Is It For?

Our boxes are recommended for children aged 3-7 years old, although children younger or older have enjoyed them too! (Parental supervision is required at all times for children under 3) 

Why Will You Like It?

Have you ever thought of spending more time with your child creating and bonding together but found it difficult to find the time and energy to research ideas, then run to various stores to get the materials before finally sitting down to do the projects with your child?

Our boxes help you save all the time and hassle of preparation so you can focus just on spending quality time bonding with your child and supporting their learning, all in the comfort of your own home or wherever you may choose.

Looking for a gift for someone? Instead of another toy or shirt, how about purchasing a box or even a subscription as a gift for them? Electronic Gift cards are available too. And we provide complimentary gift tags at your request.


They will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness!


How Do I Get One?

Some of our products are available through our sister store www.petitfab.com. If the product you want is not available, contact us via email and let us know which product you are interested to purchase and we will advise you of stock availability, payment method and expected delivery date.

More Products

Other than our Project and Book Boxes, we also carry a wide selection of carefully selected products to satisfy your needs.





Can I Have A Kit Customized For My Party Or Company? 


Of course you can! We love to help our clients bring fun and joy to kids. Email us with your budget and requirements and we will get back to you with ideas! 

Got a favourite?

Do you have a favourite book or theme you would like to see in our boxes?



Suggest it to us and you might see it in our next box!



Simply drop us an Email and tell us all about it!